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I am given the opportunity to present the variety of international services. There was a special emphasis made on the importance of familiarizing with immigration and tax law. It is important to note that approximately 30% of all properties surrounding the south Florida area are sold to foreign nationals, therefore, it would be beneficial to know the immigration planning techniques.

When we use the term "foreign investment" we are referring to the following transactions:

Creating an entirely new company
Buying an existing COMPANY
Investing in real estate properties
Residential, Commercial, Condominiums, Etc.

MONICA de la PAVA International Services

There is no exact dollar amount for an investment to be considered eligible for immigration purposes. However, there needs to be 3 or more separate transactions EXCEPT when purchasing an apartment building or other large property that can be represented alone. Other examples of larger property purchases that allow one to be considered eligible for immigration purposes include:

• Warehouses
• Strip malls
• Etc.

The decision to immigrate to the United States is a very serious one, especially for those wealthy international individuals. Moving to the United States has very serious income and estate tax consequences which need to be identified and planned for BEFORE the move is made. Pre-immigration tax planning of one's financial and business affairs is essential in order to avoid a major disaster in the United States.

A review of the clients personal information which includes reviewing their business assets, bank accounts, and income streams is necessary. There is no one specific all-inclusive business approach to implement when dealing with wealthy international families, some of whom have very complex and sometimes questionable business transactions.

Compliance with the many reporting requirements associated with a move to the United States such as foreign bank accounts, foreign corporations, and passive foreign investment companies is another major issue which needs to be addressed in determining whether it is in the client's best interest to move to the United States.

There are many different techniques to implement for pre-immigration tax planning such as establishing foreign corporations in tax neutral countries, reorganizing and restructuring of financial holdings, and literally gifting of various assets or the creation of trusts and other entities to reduce US tax liabilities.

Either way, consultation with an experienced international tax adviser is highly recommended prior to a permanent move to the United States.

The purchase of real estate can be used in several different circumstances to obtain a temporary visa to the United States. The two visas which I repeatedly lecture on which can be used to achieve this purpose, are as follows:

1. E2 Treaty Investor Visa - Must be a National from a Country having a Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation with the United States. It requires a substantial investment and the Foreign National must develop and direct a viable business enterprise. The example that use in my classes is a company dedicated to buying, selling, and developing real estate.

2. L-1 A Intracompany Transferee Visa - The Applicant must fall into one of the following categories: Manager, executive, or an employee with specialized knowledge. Must have prior one-year employment within the three years preceding entry in a similar position with a foreign affiliate of the U.S. Company. This is the visa to use for self-employed individuals who own their company in their homeland and create a subsidiary company that once again, by way of example, is involved in buying, selling, and developing real estate.

The error that I see many of you making is that a foreing can obtain a permanent residency to the United States by investing in real estate. This is a fallacy. First, a Foreign National must obtain a working-class visa, discussed above. Second, an analysis must be made to determine whether the individual can convert their status to that of a permanent resident. A permanent residency is a green card to the United States.

The investments in real estate are most useful for those individuals who can apply for an E2 Treaty Investor Visa. It can still be accomplished via an L-1 A Visa, however, those investors will be required to have at least five employees on their payrolls prior to their applying for this visa classification. The E2 investor is strictly determined with an investment of cash.

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